56% Reserved & Climbing

THANK YOU once again on behalf of Riverside Lifestyle Estates! We're quickly approaching the 60% reserved mark of our phase 1 building and are very excited to have this much interest in such a short period of time. From empty nesters to young professionals - the demographic at Riverside Lifestyle Estates is widespread. This development is a natural fit for all!

RIVERSIDE LIFESTYLE ESTATES - A living experience that only a select few will have the pleasure to call their own.

  • 43 unit building as Phase 1
  • 24 unit building as Phase 2
  • Rooftop patio to allow residents to enjoy the view of the Assiniboine River, the city lights and the panoramic and historic Wheat City Golf Course
  • Refurbish and expand the existing arena into a standard ice skating rink
  • Re-energize the area by adding a restaurant and commercial venues
  • The addition of commercial space will be the perfect spot for business's to thrive
  • Increased access to the existing river trails, and so much more!

Riverside Estates is truly about lifestyle and a sense of community that appeals to all age groups. Whether you enjoy all or some of the amenities that you will have on your door step, ultimately we believe this development is one of kind that fits you.

For more information on the full lifestyle experience, be sure to visit our website and watch our video at:

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