Thank you

Thank you from Riverside Lifestyle Estates

THANK YOU on behalf of Riverside Lifestyle Estates! We are quickly approaching the 50% mark of the phase 1 building being reserved. It is very exciting to have this much interest in such a short period of time. The best part is we are only just beginning to highlight the numerous lifestyle amenities that owners will have to enjoy right on their door step!

Be sure to contact our real estate team for information - Aubrey Arellano or Ted Temple from Sutton are more than happy to help you out!

RIVERSIDE LIFESTYLE ESTATES - A living experience that only a select few will have the pleasure to call their own.

  • 44 unit building as Phase 1
  • 24 unit building as Phase 2
  • Rooftop patio to allow residents to enjoy the view of the river, city and golf course
  • Refurbish and expand the existing arena into a standard ice skating rink
  • Re-energize the area by adding a restaurant and commercial venues
  • The addition of commercial space will be the perfect spot for business's to thrive
  • Increased access to the existing river trails

For more information on the full lifestyle experience, be sure to watch our video on our web site at


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