Bring On The Sunshine

In the summer months, the heat has most Manitoban’s flocking to patios. While a backyard BBQ is all well and good, basking in the sun on a rooftop only adds to the fun, not to mention the stunning views. Cozy up on our Riverside Rooftop patio and enjoy the fresh air, surrounded by vast, scenic views from five stories high. Walk to the west and watch the golfers play, or move east and sit and take in the quiet tranquility of the river and valley with the North hill lights in the background. A space to relax, read a book, enjoy outdoor yoga, or simply visit or entertain friends and family. As an owner at Riverside Lifestyle Estates, this rooftop patio is yours to enjoy.

RIVERSIDE LIFESTYLE ESTATES - A living experience that only a select few will have the pleasure to call their own.

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