Proudly Introducing our Certified Interior Decorator of choice!

Say hello to Shelley Taylor of Tailored Interiors - Riverside Lifestyle Estates' Certified Interior Decorator of choice.

In order to deliver the best, you have to work with the best. When Shelley Taylor expressed interest in working with our team, we knew very quickly that we were adding an important element that would help ensure the overall success of our project.  Shelley is playing a key role on the interior decoration options for the various suites that our clients can choose from. She will also be available to work with clients on their own interior decoration needs if required. Tailored Interiors will also be our window covering supplier, in order to uphold the standards and quality that all Riverside Lifestyle Estates owners will come to expect. We're thrilled to have Shelley as part of our team!

Check out Shelley's website here!  

Certified interior decorator

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